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Volksschule Unterloisdorf 1997/98
May 1. 1998

Our School

...is situated in Unterloisdorf, which is a local part of the greater Mannersdorf.
For almost exactly 200 years the small village has its own elementary school.
1997/98 unfortunately there is an extreme low in the pupil status.
(...improvement is however in view!)
The children at the age of 6-10 years are taught together in a class.
That is not unusual for the region of the middle and southern Burgenland.
Reasons are the unfavourable population trend and in addition, the fact that school
fulfils an indispensable social and cultural function for the village.
After unfortunate school-centralisation in the past one detected the importance of
the presence of school in the village.
The advantages of the small groups are most realisable using modern materials and methods.
The children profit from the natural climate of the small age-group, the favourable spatial
and material conditions and individualising instruction.
Problems (...or Chances for optimists) are:
the small options with groupings, the special request on the teachers, the partial incompatibility
with the specifications of the "normal" educational system and allegedly (!) the dear cash...

Further short information:

School number: 108511
School form in accordance with the Austrian School form systematic:
Elementary School for 1st - 4th School level taught in one class (KZ:0191)

Special features:

  • enormous selection of learning games, well sorted training aid
  • playful learning at the school own Multimedia PC (acquisition: parents)
  • regular swim-training in small groups in the thermal bath
  • large school garden with new children's playground
  • intensive contacts with pupils from the German-language Schwabendorf in Hungary!

High points of the passed years:

  • since 1989: temporary Hungarian instruction and common instruction
  • Language week, walking tours, exhibitions. .. with partner class in Hungary
  • 94/95: for eight months a 586-PC as a loan per pupil
  • annually participation and co-operation at great carnival and village celebrations every 2 years large school exhibition and school celebration

If you are interested in more details of our small school, drop in
or send us an e-mail:
vsu@gmx.net  (short address)